Map. History of Japan conflict

17 January 2018
Chinese Navy submarine entered the waters off the Senkaku Islands
Japan on Thursday protested to China after a Chinese military vessel was detected in waters near disputed islands in the East China Sea, calling on China to avoid actions that could interfere with improving bilateral ties
1 week ago
Moon says 'comfort women' issue can be truly resolved only with Japan's sincere apology
1 week ago
Moon says open to inter-Korean summit, but only when conditions are met
1 week ago
Moon says 'erroneous knot' with Japan must be untied
1 week ago
Moon says denuclearization of North Korea only a way point to peace
Message to North Korea: US selling 4 x (SM-3) Block IIA missiles to Japan capable of shooting down ballistic missiles. Deal valued at $133.3 million, State Dept says
M5.3 Earthquake with epicenter off the east of Chiba Prefecture around 7:30. Depth of the epicenter is about 30 km, the maximum seismic intensity is about 3 or more
US Defense Secretary Mattis apologizes to Japanese counterpart Onondera for series of "critical" military blunders in past 6 months, from a deadly hit-and-run drunk driving incident to a helicopter window falling onto school playground
Japan rejects South Korean call for extra steps over 'comfort women'
M4.2 earthquake hit offshore Japan
More signs of aging force: US Marine Corps Cobra attack helicopter forced to make emergency landing in Japan Monday. Second incident in two days after UH-1 landed on Okinawa beach Saturday
Okinawa: a Marine Corps helicopter made an emergency landing 100 yards from a house after rotor problems
1st East China Sea incursion by CCG in 2018: "Four China Coast Guard ships entered Japanese waters around the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea on Sunday morning"
US Air Force RC135S Cobra Ball - Ballistic Missile detection platform 61-2662 RONIN80 just launched from Kadena AB, Okinawa
Interception on 06 Jan 2018 of reconnaissance Il-38 in the sea of Japan1 week ago
Interception on 06 Jan 2018 of reconnaissance Il-38 in the sea of Japan
Japan FM in Sri Lanka pushes for "open Indo-Pacific strategy"
Japan faces greatest danger since World War due to N.Korea: PM
Japanese Defense Budget of 2018: Enhancement of the capability of the Japan AerospaceDefense Ground Environment (JADGE) system to counter ballistic missiles (¥10.7 billion/95.23 million U.S. dollars).
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - near the east coast of Honshu, Japan
Hundreds protest US military flights over Okinawa schools after 2 dangerous incidents
2 week ago
Russia accuses US of breaking treaty over defense system sale to Japan
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 134km SE of Shizunai, Japan
2 week ago
Russia says Tokyo's deployment of U.S. missiles a blow to relations
Chinese President XiJinping on Thursday pledged to enhance party-to-party exchange with Japan in a meeting with representatives from Japan's ruling coalition
North Korea says Japan wants war in 2018 as both build their armies
U.S. Pacific Command: U.S. Marines confirm the alignment of an 81mm mortar system at a range, Okinawa, Japan.
M4.1 earthquake hit Eastern Japan3 week ago
M4.1 earthquake hit Eastern Japan
3 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 4km SW of Ichihara, Japan
Tokyo-Bound Plane Returns to LAX After Crew Discovers ANA Passenger Boarded Wrong Flight, Airline Says