Map. History of Japan conflict

14 December 2017
Another presumed North Korean "ghost ship" has washed up on Japan's shores, with at least one dead body on board
The Okinawa Times has a photo of the U.S. Marine Corps helicopter window frame in the school yard
More trouble for the U.S. in Okinawa: A window frame fell from a Marine Corps helicopter and landed in a schoolyard, and it was caught on video. A 4th grade boy was apparently scratched by the falling object.
Japan air force drills with U.S. bombers, stealth fighters near Korean peninsula
The leader of South Korea's main opposition Liberty Korea Party will embark on a three-day trip to Japan this week for talks with key Tokyo politicians on North Korea threats and bilateral relation
Russian military chief criticizes U.S., Japan and South Korea drills
Japan, U.S., South Korea to hold missile tracking drill amid North Korea
Japanese police have arrested three crew of a North Korean boat for stealing a generator from a hut on an uninhabited island, the latest in what are increasing arrivals of North Korean fishing boats off Japan
JASDF jets scrambled to intercept 4x H-6 and 1x Y-8
U.S. envoy for North Korean affairs travels to Japan, Thailand
Hokkaido Police Department arrested North Korean crew members on charges of theft.
EU, Japan say they finalise free trade deal
As North Korea perfects ICBM program, Japan will purchase long-range missiles for the first time, citing national security concerns. Japan Def. Ministry tells @CNN Lockheed Martin's LRASM and JASSM to go on F15 fighter jets and Kongsberg's JSM to go on F35 fighter jets.
Japan's 3rd-quarter GDP rises 2.5% on an annualized basis
7 DEC: JASDF Fighters scrambled to intercept 1x Y-8 and 4x H-6's (Chinese AF) over the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean
US Ambassador to Japan William F. Hagerty visite Camp Sendai today amid the Yama Sakura combat readiness and interoperability command post Exercise between US and Japanese Forces.
F-35 loses panel during flight over Japan
NATO Foreign Ministers agreed the need of firm pressure on North Korea, continued solidarity with regional partners - Japan and ROK and keeping up with our strong deterrence - @jensstoltenberg
Ex-U.S. defense secretary open to nuclear armament of South Korea, Japan
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 22km SSE of Ishikawa, Japan
Earthquake hit Nagano Prefecture
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 8km NE of Hotaka, Japan
#USSRonaldReagan and units of forward-deployed Carrier Strike Group 5 returned to Yokosuka, Japan, Dec. 4, following a @US7thFleet patrol
China, Japan to hold 8th round of high-level consultations on maritime affairs: Chinese FM spokesperson
North Korea missile tests are 'imminent threat' - Japan
North Korean missile tests pose an 'imminent threat', says Japanese Abe vows to put pressure on Pyongyang
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 29km E of Tsukumi, Japan
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 65km SE of Kamaishi, Japan
"Ronald Reagan" through Yokosuka
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 26km SSE of Shizunai, Japan