Map. History of Japan conflict

18 Tebax 2018
2 day ago
KCNA: "Kim Il Sung was a commander without an equal in the world, who declared a war against the Japanese invaders and put forward the line of armed struggle with guerilla war as its main contentThe line could be advanced only by him, a peerlessly great man."
Mt. Shindake on the island of Kuchinoerabu, Kagoshima Prefecture, showing intense seismic activity as volcanic eruptions expected.
Abe government likely to delay Henoko base landfill work until after the Okinawa gubernatorial elections on September 30. This is only so that it doesn't hurt the electoral prospects of the pro-Abe candidate, Atsushi Sakima.
US military Osprey aircraft continue to fall out of the skies and make emergency landings. There were two separate incidents yesterday alone, one in Kagoshima Prefecture and one in Okinawa Prefecture. No injuries reported.
4 day ago
KCNA: "Japan should bear in mind that its shame is what it has invited itselfIts Don-Quixote-like behavior will only provoke laughter."
4 day ago
KCNA: "Japan is like an old phonograph record. If not, how can it keep reeling off only cliches?"
4 day ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 13km SE of Ohara, Japan
4 day ago
KCNA: "Then is it really that Japan followed the path of maturity to be the pacifist state. Never. As a country that has preserved the 'emperor' system despite its defeat, Japan has kept to the path of militarist revival in all fieldsbehind the scene of peace."
4 day ago
KCNA: " Japan might feel distressed whenever it marks the anniversary of defeat every yearJapan has worked desperately to shake off the ill image of the fascist defeated nation and take up the new look as a 'pacifist state' and a 'normal state' each day of the past 73 years."
70,000 rally in Okinawa to protest the Japanese government's controversial relocation of a U.S. air base within the island prefecture.
6 day ago
KCNA: "Japanese reactionariesopenly conduct the gangster-like education to grab the territoryThey can not make Tok Island as their land even though they desperately instill into the younger generationgroundless assertion that Tok Island is 'part of the territory of Japan.'"
1 week ago
KCNA: "Japan can never be a safe zone. It is a dangerous zone which would cause an accident more terrible than the Fukushima atomic power plant accident and bring a huge calamity to the world."
1 week ago
KCNA: "Japan is hyping itself as a 'safe zone,'This is aimed to shake off its ill reputation as a 'radioactive state.' Radioactive damage is still observed in the areas near the Fukushima atomic power plant."
1 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 25km NE of Iwaki, Japan
Hong Kong denies entry to Japanese city councillor months after Beijing attacked him for supporting democrat1 week ago
Hong Kong denies entry to Japanese city councillor months after Beijing attacked him for supporting democrat
1 week ago
KCNA: "Japan's claim to 'dominium over Tok Island' is, in the final analysis, a move to revive militarism to legalize and justify the Japanese imperialists' occupation of the territory and an unpardonable move against history."
1 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 31km SSE of Namie, Japan
1 week ago
KCNA: "As it oversteps the mark casting a chill over the climate of dialogue and causing trouble, the international community's attitude to it gets cold day by day. In a nutshell, Japan has sunk into the worst-ever quagmire of being marginalized and given the cold shoulder."
1 week ago
KCNA: "Japan is behaving imprudently again. Shortly ago Japanese Foreign Minister Kono and the president of the House of Councillors spouted gibberish about denuclearization and 'abduction issue'."
1 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 5km SE of Oami, Japan
1 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 40km SE of Hasaki, Japan
Japan protested over the deployment of the Su-35 in the Kuriles
1 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 70km ENE of Mutsu, Japan
2 week ago
Japan's foreign minister Taro Kono, North Korean counterpart Ri Yong Ho chat in Singapore
Japan's Foreign Ministry says North Korean tanker has been observed engaging in illicit ship-to-ship cargo transfer in East China Sea
Japan is considering creating a sovereign wealth fund to invest in U.S. infrastructure projects and U.S.-Japan joint projects in third countries and will float the idea at two-way trade talks in Washington next week, the Nikkei daily reported
Japan's negotiating skills to be put to test as Tokyo tries to fend off U.S. demands for bilateral free trade agreement and counter the threat of tariffs on cars and auto parts
Japan finmin says no concrete plan for U.S. infrastructure fund
The British Navy’s flagship amphibious assault ship HMS Albion arrived in Tokyo on Friday extending Britain’s naval presence in East Asia to four months as London deepens military ties in a region it considers vital to global security and economic prosperity as it exits the European Union
China's stock marrket loses ranking as world's second-biggest to Japan: Bloomberg
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