Map. History of Japan conflict

26 September 2018
More than 30 people have died from heatwave that has scorched Japan since July 9. The public have been warned the extremely high temperatures will linger for days to come
2 month ago
KCNA: "Clear is the job to be done by Japan. It must properly settle its crime-woven past, to begin with. Herein lies the reason why the international community denounces Japan as a war criminal and a political dwarf, though it is zealously showing off money bag."
Japan exports to U.S. fall, business mood sours amid fears of trade war
2 month ago
Two Koreas's civic groups vow cooperation in bringing home remains of forced labor victims from Japan
2 month ago
KCNA: "Japan still remains unchanged in its base way of thinking that money can resolve everything. Showing off its purse, Japan is talking about 'international contribution'Japan says it redeemed its sinful past with a meager amount of money, denying its crime-woven history."
2 month ago
KCNA: "Japan is a shameless country which has not yet repented of its past crimes, to say nothing of apology and reparation, 73 years after its defeatWhat the politicians of an island country uttered are socrude. They should be called charlatans rather than politicians."
8 people died and thousands were taken to hospitals on Wednesday alone, as heatwave continue to scorch Japan, sending the mercury over 40 C in some parts. disaster
2 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 51km ENE of Hasaki, Japan
ANA will cancel 378 domestic flights in August due to RollsRoyce engine inspections
Japan and EU signed a free trade deal to create one of the world's largest economic areas accounting for about 600 million people in 29 countries
The trade deal that will eliminate 99 percent of tariffs, which cost businesses in the EU and Japan nearly €1 billion annually.
EU-Japan trade deal is 'clear message against protectionism': Tusk
Tusk: With the largest bilateral trade deal EVER, today we cement Japanese-European friendship. Geographically, we are far apart. But politically and economically we could hardly be any closer. With shared values of liberal democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
Japan, EU sign massive trade deal
Heatwave blankets Japan, kills 14 people over long weekend
2 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 21km E of Funaishikawa, Japan
IMF cuts growth estimate for Germany, France, Japan; US unchanged
2 month ago
UK looking to Sweden, Japan in search for partners on new fighter jet
Japan has launched a probe into foreign residents exploiting the country's public healthinsurance scheme
2 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 42km SE of Hasaki, Japan
2 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 53km E of Shizunai, Japan
Japan gov't survey says 4 construction firms made foreign trainees participate in decontamination work in nuclear disaster-hit Fukushima, against purpose of trainee program radiation nuclearpower contamination
2 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 80km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan
U.S. Navy dedicates one of two destroyers involved in fatal accidents in the Pacific last year to Sen. John McCain.
Japan flood toll nears 200, sun scorches thousands battling thirst
Japanese nurse may have killed 20 patients
Japan PM visits flood disaster zone, promises help as new warnings issued
Death toll of Japan's worst rain-related disaster in decades tops 170 with scores more still missing
2 month ago
KCNA: "The public in Japan are spiting at his corrupt politics and judgment has already been made on his political destiny. However, a leopard can not change its spots. Abe fails to straighten himself out."
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits a shelter for people affected by the recent flooding in Mabi, Okayama prefecture, on July 11
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